Close friendship over more than 40 years

Wish him well as he retires.
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Close friendship over more than 40 years

Post by wehoward » Fri Nov 13, 2009 1:40 pm

Hi, Steve,
Our close association began when you started graduate work at Michigan. The faculty quickly learned to appreciate your contacts with "the greats" and your growing breadth of knowledge, even when you were a grad student. We worked together on the Source Catalogue project and visited Yerkes and Chandra during a winter of -20 degree temperatures to arrange for its publication. We marveled together when George Van Biesbroeck took his jumping short cut to get the 40-inch refractor quickly over the pier! Then you went on to KPNO where you had to learn to look into your shoes in the morning to be sure that scorpions had not crawled into them overnight (grin!). We nearly got stranded in a bad snowstorm in the mountains en route to Norfolk from the Greenbrier after an AAS meeting there. Great memories! As we both 'evolved', our friendship deepened and you became a very effective spokesman for the field we both love. You hit your stride with your double-hat at Goddard and the AAS, married a great girl, and raised a close and loving family for which you can take great pride. Even after retirement it has been our personal pleasure for Miriam and me to get together with you and Sally, and for the two of us to lunch after attendance at the local USNO and DTM colloquia. The secret to retirement is to keep working and you seem to be making the transition without even shifting gears. I am looking forward to a continuing close association with you, Steve. Friendships have a habit of ripening with age. - Bye from Bill Howard


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