Roommate Matching - I'm a graduate student in need of a room

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Roommate Matching - I'm a graduate student in need of a room

Post by andrejfavia » Fri Feb 21, 2014 4:06 pm

This is Andrej Favia, I am a 7th year graduate student at the University of Maine.
I am preparing to give a poster presentation at the AAS meeting in Boston.
I plan to arrive in Boston on June 1st, and return home on June 6th.

I am looking to split the cost of a hotel room,
starting on the evening of June 1st
and ending on the morning of June 6th.

The hotel can be within walking distance of the conference center.
I currently have no particular preference as to who I share a room with. I am just looking to split the cost.

My email is:

I really could use some help. If you are willing to help me and have a room reserved, would you be willing to add me as a guest?
If so, I ask that you just get in touch with me, and I would be grateful to hear from you.

EDIT on April 23:
I have received correspondence from someone who is willing to split the cost of the room. For the time being, I am no longer in need of a room.
If plans change, I will again update this thread.


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