Roommate Matching Female Grad Student Needs Female Roommates

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Roommate Matching Female Grad Student Needs Female Roommates

Post by marmichan » Thu Apr 14, 2016 10:06 pm

Hello ^_^

I am a senior (mid-20s) female graduate student in exoplanets flying in for this meeting. I am scheduled to be arriving on the 11th, so I have a room booked at a Days Inn location (it is a pretty nice looking room) from June 11th to 16th (five nights). It has two queen beds about 3.7 miles north of the convention center, close to the Sea World and airport (free transport to/from airport). Breakfast is included in hotel price. I am planning on using public transport (there are ample options ~30 minute commute) and Uber to get around, unless I can find carpool options with other attendants there from people driving in. (Btw, parking at the resort is around 5 USD per day.) Prospective roommates are welcome to ride with me for free if I am using Uber.

I am looking for two other female roommates to split the hotel cost with. With two queen beds, the room can actually house four people, but I tend to have trouble sleeping if I am sharing my bed, hence the two people max restriction (so I'm assuming you are okay sharing the other queen with someone). The room does allow the option of adding a separate inflatable bed. So if someone is okay with that, we can go with four. If we have 3 people, total cost will be about 150 per person (225 if I get only one other person).

Please message me (or e-mail at if you are a female attending AAS and interested in splitting the cost for this place with me. Undergrads/younger women are welcome and I'll be more than happy to help you network etc. for grad school/jobs as well since I am a pretty social person and love helping younger students (and also work at a NASA center). Also, I don't drink so I can promise you that I will be able to stay out of trouble. :)


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