Help me with the physics of light/heat

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Help me with the physics of light/heat

Post by kesizewi » Tue Apr 10, 2018 2:12 am


I was reading an article about legislation to maintain tax breaks for large scale renewable energy production. A couple of thoughts occurred to me while I was reading the article. 1) I remember a simple demonstration in physics class whereby a small fan was induced to move by shining an incandescent light on it. I went googling to try to figure this out and couldn't remember enough about the phenomenon to find a page that explained how this happens. Can someone tell me what this phenomenon is and point me to a page that explains the amount of energy imparted to the fan?
2) I seem to remember there are certain types of solar farms that don't use solar cells, but reflect the light to a collection point. This really hot point is used to ultimately drive dynamos. These reflecting dishes would heat the air around them. Would this produce any sort of convection around the reflectors?

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