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Roommate Matching How To

Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2015 11:05 am
by Jerry.Lin
How To Post
* Start a New Topic.
* Roommate request subjects must begin with "Roommate Matching -."
* Type a brief description.

Once the request has been filled the topic can be closed so that no one else tries to contact you.

To reply to a post you may either reply directly under the topic or send the poster a personal message.

Only registered members of the forum can see and reply to your post. Posts will be moderated for content as needed.

Sample Post:
Subject = "Roommate Matching - Looking for graduate student roommate."
Post =
"I have a reservation at the [hotel name]. I would like to find a roommate. I am booked from the [date] to the [date]. I am a post-doc. I would like to find another post-doc or older graduate student. Please message me if you would like to split the room. The room is about ~$[amount] per person (plus taxes)."

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