Childcare Coordination How to

Find a childcare help or coordinate collaborative trips for kids (i.e. a joint trip to the local zoo/museums) during AAS meetings. You must log in to post. Click the Register or Login link to create a username and password. Check out the Boston MA Meeting Pages for more information about the meeting.
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Childcare Coordination How to

Post by Jerry.Lin » Thu Jan 16, 2014 1:43 pm

How To Post
* Start a New Topic.
* Childcare coordination subjects must begin with "Childcare Coordination -."
* Type a brief description.

Once the request has been filled the topic can be closed so that no one else tries to contact you.

To reply to a post you may either reply directly under the topic or send the poster a personal message.

Only registered members of the forum can see and reply to your post. Posts will be moderated for content as needed.

Sample Post:
Subject = "Childcare Coordination - Looking for a nanny in the Long Beach area."
Post =
"I have a 3 year old son and would like to see if anybody's made arrangements for childcare locally? Also I wanted to see there are activities, such as visiting a zoo or museum, anybody's doing with their kids."

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